Madrid Fusión Congress

The Madrid Fusión Congress is the most important gastronomic congress in the world, since it is considered the place where culinary excellence merges. It is celebrated every year at the end of January in Madrid, and it has a duration of three days, reuniting more than 20,000 attendees. Every year, there is a special “theme” for the event, around which the culinary specialties revolve.

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Latest culinary trends

Madrid Fusión is a place for the different gastronomic experts attending to exhibit their latest culinary innovations in techniques, ingredients and dish presentations. This way, the attendees at the fair are able to discover the latest gastronomic trends in an international landscape. 

In recent years, Madrid Fusión has been reinforcing its international presence, with exhibitors from all around the world. It is definitely a place for the best emerging talents and innovation in haute cuisine internationally. It gathers more than 300 professionals, including chefs, pastry chefs, mixologists, winemakers and sommeliers.  On the other hand, there are food experts, restaurateurs, gastronomic journalists and, overall, cooking lovers.

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Creating gastronomic ties

Madrid Fusión brings together each year’s exhibitors and other attendees from the gastronomic sector that can attend activities such as conferences from recognized experts in the field, culinary presentations, contests, workshops, tastings, and also the activities from the parallel congresses taking place at the same place. These are the Madrid Fusión The Wine Edition, the Madrid Fusión Pastry and The Drinks Show.

It is specially a place for networking between experts and companies of the sectors and the professionals related to them. At the fair, the exhibitors can showcase and explain their gastronomic projects and learn from others innovations and experiences. Moreover, all attendees can debate the innovations and contribute their vision. All in all, it is a place to get inspired.

As a company, you have the opportunity to assist the congress hand in hand with the help of an event planner in Madrid. This way, an event agency in Madrid will manage the booking of different services related to the event, such as transportationphotography or  translation at the event.

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Chefs attending

Between the recognized chefs that have attended the Madrid Fusión Congress, we have seen relevant faces from the cuisine world from Latin America, such as the Colombian, Jeferson García, the Argentinian, Gonzalo Aramburu, or the Chilean, Diego Oka. 

We have also seen relevant European chefs, like Andreas Caminada (Switzerland), Nicolai Nørregaard (Denmark), Caroline Baerten (Belgium), or the Italian Riccardo Canella, among others. On the other hand, in the Asian participation among the best chefs, we have seen the Koreans Junghyun Park and Mingoo Kang, or the Japanese Yasuhiro Tomari.

madrid fusion chefs

Finally, there is, obviously, an annual great representation of Spanish cuisine, and we have had the pleasure to meet chefs such as Ángel León, David Muñoz, Miguel González, Paco Morales, Vicky Sevilla, among many others.

Creativity in every plate

Some of the topics that have been addressed in recent years are new green possibilities, reinterpretation of gastronomic heritage, immersion in the Nikkei cuisine, ancient fermentations, the evolution of acid cuisine, or the implementation of AI in the cuisine. This congress addresses every topic with an innovative perspective and the aim of enjoying the process of creating.

Certainly, the Madrid Fusión Congress promotes the latest trends and progress in haute cuisine around the world.  It is a place where creativity emerges, and gastronomic possibilities expand, showcasing the greatest talents and possibilities. Learning from them will create new experiences in the field and shape the future of gastronomic innovations.

For that, as a company attending, having an attractive stand at the event can be incredibly beneficial, that can be achieved through promotion and decoration services. And if you want to learn more about another congress, we recommend you to visit our article about Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. See you there!
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