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How do we act as an Event Management Agency in Barcelona?



We receive the briefing, listen to your idea and the needs of your event.

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Our experience at your service. We design the event you need and we launch proposals for you.

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Once we finalize the details, you don't have to worry about anything. We make sure your event is a success

How can we help you as an event agency in Barcelona?

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Your event agency in Barcelona

As an event company in Barcelona, Tuset Events takes all the stress out of managing corporate events. We take care of everything and exceed your expectations. Our passion is achieving perfection and success in all events. With over 10 years of experience managing events in Barcelona, we know what works, what doesn’t, and what you need to make your event a success.

Events Company in Barcelona

From our headquarters in Barcelona, we can set up meetings or travel to any location in Spain that the client requests. Let us know what kind of event you want, and we’ll make the road to success smoother:

Events Company in Barcelona
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Comprehensive Event and Convention Management in Barcelona

Tuset Eventos will carefully assess your proposal to know exactly what your event needs. Once we have a clear understanding, we work to design and shape your ideas and make your event a success.

We help you to choose every detail for your event: the venue, catering, and even thematized decorations to match your corporate colours. The options are endless. Comprehensive event management is our speciality. We’re open to all proposals and we try to shape and present them in a spectacular and original way – while always working in line with our clients wishes and needs.

Corporate Events & Trade Fair Entertainment in Barcelona

Pick the show that’s best suited to your event. Choose from different options, including dancing, music live performances, DJs, magic shows, etc. 

Our team of professionals from the world of entertainment will take care of all the technical details, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Our event agency in Barcelona has been hiring artists and organising shows since 2009. You’ll have access to an extensive catalogue of presenters, speakers, stand-ups, magicians, etc. 

Or if you prefer to liven up your event in Barcelona, we can offer a wide selection of bands and artists from different music genres: jazz, pop, cover bands, classical music, soul, etc. We help you get it right when choosing the best music for your event.

events agency in Barcelona
Events Company in Barcelona

Speakers for Events in Barcelona

Choose from a wide range of speakers to talk about different topics for your event in Barcelona.

  • Communication & Happiness
  • Economics & Business
  • New Technologies & Innovation
  • Leadership & Management Skills
  • Sports
  • Motivational Speeches

Or, if you prefer, we can organise a media personality to speak at your event in Barcelona.

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Having the experience of an event planning agency ensures that you will be advised throughout the entire event management and planning process.

In addition, integrated event agencies not only take care of the planning, but also provide you with all those needs that the organization of an event may require (logistics, personnel, entertainment, etc.).

We are based in Barcelona and Madrid, but we work all over Spain. So, if you are thinking of organizing an event in your community, do not hesitate and contact us without any commitment.

The success of an event is measured by the number of attendees, as well as their interaction with the information shared in media and digital platforms, surveys or through the ROI obtained.

Our goal is to make the best possible event according to the budget and needs of our customers. If you are thinking of organizing an event with specific characteristics, do not hesitate to contact us and our team will offer you the solutions that best suit your needs.

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