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We connect brands with their target audience

Tuset Events

An event agency based in Barcelona that provides the creativity and resources needed to create marketing actions with celebrities, organise corporate events and unique team building activities.

Tuset, a street
with history

Since 2008

Because Tuset is one of Barcelona’s most emblematic streets, a symbol of modernity. In the mid-1960s, the small boulevard was renamed “street” to establish Tuset’s sophistication as the new commercial hub of Barcelona.

Motivated in part by Barcelona’s intellectual “Gauche Divine” movement, Tuset has for decades been a forum for leisure, innovation and design; an incomparable setting that would quickly attract creative studios and renowned local advertising agencies.

Today, Carrer Tuset in Barcelona retains its charm intact. Not only because of the memory of a splendid past, but also because of the huge range of nightlife and gastronomy that characterises it. And, for this reason, at Tuset Eventos we proudly bear its good name.

Years organising events alongside our clients. Since 2008.

14 +

Brands that have trusted in our creativity and professionalism.

3.000 +

Successfully organised Team Building events and activities.

3.360 +

Provinces where we have organised events and other actions.

52 +

Meet our team

Enric Company

Founder & CEO

Paula Gómez

Event director

Aina Salas

Team building director

Adrián González

Entertaiment director

Sol Canan

Event Project Manager

Belén Acordagoitia

Event Project Manager

Mar Fortea

Event Project Manager

Jesús Domínguez

Event Project Manager

Aurora Solordoni


Carla Reyes


Valeria Luís Lafalla


Laura Osorio


Esteve Gili


We help you connect with your audience

At Tuset Eventos we offer comprehensive services for the organisation of events. First of all, we design the event after listening to our client's needs in order to personalise it and adapt it to each company. We recommend spaces, foresee the staff that will be needed during the event and design all the logistics and communication. Once we have the project, we coordinate the production and execution of the event in an integral way, adjusting with precision and efficiency to the agreed budget.