Team Building Activities in Barcelona

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Build a strong team through Team Building activities in Barcelona

In Tuset Events we have specialized in creating the best team building for companies, creating unique experiences with more than 50 activities to promote teamwork, communication and team motivation.


Catalog of team buildings activities for companies in Barcelona

Team Building Jardinería Sostenible

Sustainable gardening workshop

Escape Box

Escape Box

Barco Vikingo1

Viking ship workshop

Cata de Cervezas

Beer tasting

Gincana gastronómica

Gastronomic gymkhana

Cata de Gintonic Virtual

Gintonics tasting

Street Escape

Street Escape

Taller de chocolate

Chocolate Workshop

Quiz para empresas

Quiz for companies

Cata de jamón y quesos

Ham and cheese tasting

Paintball Competition

Paintball competition


Batukada Workshop

Success story
gymkhana for hard rock café

Are you looking for a specific team building topic?

team building aventura barcelona


team building RSC 21


team building musical barcelona


team building taller de cocina


team building musical barcelona


team building Barcelona actividades




Team building de pintura creativa


Success story
tapas workshop for gesemé

Success story

Step by step of our team building activities in Barcelona


We listen to your needs

We receive your briefing, listen to your ideas regarding the team-building activity in Barcelona, and think of the needs that it requires for your company.

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We offer different proposals and services

We offer different team-building activities, in cae you are not sure about which one to choose. We also take care of all the extra services regarding this event in Barcelona.

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We organize your team-building activity!

Once we know the team-building activity you want and we have all the information about the event, we start organizing it! Rest assured until the day comes.

Other clients that we have helped in Barcelona

Tuset Team

Paula Gómez

Event director

Aina Salas

Team building director

Sol Canan

Event Project Manager

Mar Fortea

Event Project Manager

Belén Acordagoitia

Event Project Manager

Success story
Cooking Workshop for 3SHAPE

Team Buildings in Barcelona FAQs

This type of activities are becoming more and more frequent in the professional field as they are a very effective work incentive to motivate employees and increase their performance. Team Building Activities incentives for companies are an ideal leisure option to encourage teamwork and bonding between employees.

They are the perfect excuse to escape from the work routine and offer a totally different day. Incentives like this are the best reason to retain and attract new talent.

In Tuset Events we are experts in organizing team building for companies, because we believe that there is a team building exercise for each company. We offer customized activities for each type of event, putting in value the needs of each of our clients. In addition, our team of professionals is always available to ensure the proper development of the management of the event, while offering a personalized and close treatment.

At Tuset Events we offer consulting services to help determine what you are looking for. We take into account the objectives of the event and the characteristics of the attendees in order to find the workshop that best fits and ensures the success of the activity. 

If you already know which activity is best suited for your event, do not hesitate to contact us through the form to ask any questions. Our team will answer you as soon as possible and give you free advice.

No, there are no additional costs. Our costs are already included in the workshop fees. In the case of wanting to complement the team building activity with other extra services (catering, extra entertainment, etc.) we would reflect it separately. But this already depends on the needs and desires of our clients. From Tuset Eventos we will always offer the solutions and services that best suit the event and that are a plus when it comes to ensuring the success of the event.

It will depend a little on whether it is a workshop given by someone in particular or if it is a group activity. Each workshop or activity has a set time depending on the theme or content or the person who performs the workshop. Ask us without any commitment through the form and we will resolve any questions of this nature. 

If you are thinking of organizing a Team Building or workshop in your company, having an expert agency in event organization is a help and a guide during the whole process of planning and production of the event or activity. Event management agencies provide you with personalized advice when choosing the workshop that best suits your needs and desires. We have an extensive catalog of team-building activities, such as Painting Team Building in Barcelona. Our team will assist you at all times in choosing the one that best suits your objectives. So you can forget about the process and get involved and enjoy the activity.


The rate of each team building can vary depending on the content of the workshop, the space where it will be held or extra services you want to add (travel, catering, entertainment). Taking into account these variables, we always offer the best solutions according to the needs of our clients.

From Tuset Events we will always offer the workshops that best suit the people who will be part of the activity. Therefore, knowing the profile (age, interests, preferences) of the people who will take part in the workshop is key to discover common characteristics and align them to the content of the event. 

If you have any doubt related to this, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Of course. If you have an idea but you don’t know how to develop it or you don’t know if it is an idea that can be carried out, don’t hesitate to contact us without obligation and we will answer you as soon as possible. We are always open to new proposals and ideas.

Of course. There are many clients who, in addition to the workshop, also want to include other services (catering, photocall, gifts for attendees, live music, etc.) to make it a totally personalized day and an event of a greater nature.

Can I do it inside my company or can I do it in an open space? Both options are available. Our recommendation will always be to hold the workshop outside the workplace, as it is about breaking with the work routine and taking workers to a completely different space where they can disconnect and uninhibited. 

And, of course, there is always the option of enjoying these activities with our remote team building.

It doesn’t matter if you want it to be a face-to-face event or virtual event. At Tuset Eventos we make all your wishes possible!