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TDV's 25th Anniversary guests enjoyed a very memorable and fun event sharing the event with their families and co-workers.

It was a lively event to enjoy time with their loved ones and celebrate the time spent at the company.

What did TDV achieve with this celebration?

Improve ties between guests.

Create a pleasant and memorable moment for the attendees.

Celebrate the time spent in the company


The guests of TDV’s 25th Anniversary event were treated to a memorable evening for all attendees and an experience they could enjoy with their families and colleagues.

In Tuset we ensured that the event did not miss a delicious catering with multiple food options, salty and sweet, for all tastes. We also carried out the communication and decoration of the event, with different LED lights that set the atmosphere throughout the event space, and a photo booth, where attendees could take pictures and take a unique souvenir. In addition, there was a live music animation that allowed a magical atmosphere among the spectators.

In this way, the TDV team was able to enjoy a unique and fun-filled event, where attendees celebrated the years in the company and reinforced the feeling and camaraderie throughout them. There were a large number of attendees who had a great time and would repeat this celebration.



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