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Speak Dating, was all about fostering meaningful connections among WTC office workers through engaging conversations and interactive activities.

We curated a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere where WTC employees could mingle over vegan treats, craft beverages, and dynamic conversations

What did World Trade Center achieve with this celebration?

The event facilitated meaningful connections among WTC office workers, fostering a stronger sense of community and collaboration within the workplace. These new connections could lead to valuable professional relationships, knowledge sharing, and potential collaborations.

Boosted employee morale and engagement. Providing a platform for employees to interact in a relaxed setting encourages a positive work environment and strengthens team cohesion.

Promoted diversity and inclusion by bringing together individuals from various backgrounds and departments within the WTC offices. This event provided an opportunity for employees to learn from each other's perspectives, celebrate differences, and foster a more inclusive workplace culture.


We orchestrated a unique event called “Speak Dating,” tailor-made for WTC office workers to forge deeper connections. Amidst the gathering, attendees indulged in a scrumptious array of vegan donuts, craft beers, and refreshments, fostering an ambiance that was both relaxed and inviting.

To spark interaction, we devised a dynamic where participants utilized question cards to kickstart conversations amongst themselves. To keep spirits high, a facilitator was present throughout, guiding and encouraging active participation in the activities. Furthermore, a skilled DJ curated a vibrant atmosphere with tunes perfectly suited for the occasion, ensuring a memorable experience for all.


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