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APIALIA | Summer afterwork


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Apialia summer Afterwork was all about cultivating meaningful connections among employees with a wonderful catering and nice weather.

The summer afterwork party orchestrated provided Apiala's employees with a vibrant escape, brimming with laughter, relaxation, and memorable moments.

apialia summer afterwork

What did Apialia achieve with this celebration?

The summer party, meticulously orchestrated by Tuset Eventos, ensured seamless coordination and execution, guaranteeing a memorable experience for Apiala's employees.

The summer party was custom-designed to engage and delight Apiala's workforce, fostering a sense of appreciation and camaraderie among employees.

The summer party reflected positively on Apiala's brand image, showcasing the company's commitment to employee well-being and creating a lasting impression on attendees.


At Tuset Eventos, we are pleased to share the experience of the summer Afterwork we organized for Apialia. It was an event filled with laughter and fun, where all participants enjoyed an unforgettable evening on the terrace of the Hotel Marina in Badalona. Without a doubt, an idyllic place for such gatherings!

The evening was enhanced with live music and exquisite catering, which helped to liven up the atmosphere and ensured that everyone has fun Additionally, attention to detail was taken by personalizing items such as fans and a branded photocall.

It was a unique opportunity for Apialia employees to share moments and enjoy a memorable afterwork. We feel honored to have been part of this experience, which we hope has left pleasant memories for all attendees!



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Hotel Marina in Badalona

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