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FUJI ELECTRIC | 25th anniversary


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Fuji Electric 25th Company Anniversary was an event to remember. The guests enjoyed a special occasion of union and celebration.

It was an event to celebrate the longevity of the company and its successes in a lovely way

What did Fuji Electric achieve with this celebration?

Celebrate the time spent in the company and the achievements.

Mark a milestone in the company

Reinforce ties between guests through music and conversation


Fuji Electric’s 25th Company Anniversary organized by Tuset Eventos, was a great success. It was held in a cocktail dinner format, offering an exquisite tasting catering that delighted all present with an unique culinary experience.

To add a festive and entertaining touch, there was a performance by a talented live music group. Fuji Electric executives also took the opportunity to deliver emotional and thoughtful speeches, highlighting the company’s achievements and journey through its first 25 years of history. Also, the design was personalized for the company, gifting as well corporate cookies specially designed for the occasion.

In short, the event perfectly combined fine dining, musical entertainment and corporate recognition, making Fuji Electric’s 25th anniversary celebration a memorable and special moment for all guests.


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