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La Llotja de Mar


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Rent La Llotja de Mar for events in Barcelona

La Llotja de Mar Venue

The Llotja de Mar is a building with more than 700 years of history, where architecture, culture and economy merge in the same space. 

The building is located in the heart of Barcelona’s historic centre and is one of the most significant monuments representing the city’s culture and economy.

It was the Council of One Hundred that promoted the construction of the building. It was the municipal government of Barcelona, which was made up of one hundred members, representing the three main classes of the city. The Council reserved this special place for the celebration of major events.

It was here that various celebrities from the world of art left their mark, including renowned figures such as the Colom family, the painter Pablo Picasso and the architect Gaudí. 

Nowadays, La Llotja de Mar rents out its different spaces for all kinds of events, including: celebrations, weddings, meetings, conferences, filming, congresses, photography and approved catering. So if you are looking for a place that allows you to celebrate any kind of event, La Llotja de Mar is your best option. If you are interested in renting it, do not hesitate to contact us. 


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25 - 710 pax

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