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Corporate Christmas Events

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Find everything you need to create a corporate Christmas event that your guests will remember.

Christmas always includes a special ingredient: Magic. That’s why we propose a series of activities and familiar faces that will help you to bring a magical, unique and memorable atmosphere to your corporate event. 

"Remember: events are ephemeral. It's the emotions that last".

Featured Christmas Events

Theme parties for companies

Dress up this Christmas

We organise your perfect Christmas themed party. Dress up as Santa Claus or a Christmas tree and immerse yourself in the Christmas world like never before.

Christmas lunches and dinners for companies (1)

The Christmas experience

At Tuset Eventos we help you organise your company's Christmas dinner. We choose the ideal place and the perfect menu to make your dinner an unforgettable party.

Customised events for companies

Be surprised

Make your dreams come true this Christmas. Contact us and let us know what you are looking for so that we can organise the perfect event for your company.

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apialia ANNUAL

Featured Team Buildings Christmas

Creative painting for comapnies

Creativity to the power!

Put your imagination to work and bring out your creative side to transform your blank canvas into a painting full of Christmas colours and illustrations.

magic workshop for companies

A unique experience

They will experience a day they will remember forever, with an impressionistic show full of surprises that none of the participants will expect.

Solidarity bicycles for companies

Cohesion and good heart

With the collaboration of all the participants, they will have to build a completely disassembled bike, which will then be sent to a foundation for those who need it.

Quiz for companies

Did you know?

Christmas is always a good time to get together with those closest to you. And who could be closer than those who work alongside you every day. This year you can have fun together with the range of quizzes we offer. Show your memory and associative skills.

Masterchef for companies

Aspirants, hands up!

This Christmas become the next Masterchef. A competition to see who can prepare the best Christmas meal and wow your guests with your culinary skills.

treasure hunt for companies

Fun and Adventure

Dare to get lost in the city with your companions and solve the riddles and tests that we have prepared for you. Satisfy your curiosity and discover magical places with Christmas decorations in your city.

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cocktail workshop
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Featured Christmas Shows

animaciones navidad 2022 (5)

Fire performances

Shows with dance and juggling, pyrotechnics and custom-made fire structures for your event, creating a mesmerising atmosphere.

animaciones navidad 2022 (6)

Stilt walker animation

A show of artists on stilts, where they combine light, colour and a lot of spectacle while they have the arduous task of maintaining their balance.

animaciones navidad 2022 (7)

Customised LED jugglers

LED light shows customised with corporate colours and logo.

animaciones navidad 2022 (8)

LED Batucada

Batucada LED is a percussion show that combines music with incredible audiovisual effects of colour and light.

animaciones navidad 2022 (11)

Groups of Versions

Bring your event to life with a live band, who perform covers of all kinds of songs, from the classics to the latest hits.

animaciones navidad 2022 (12)

Cocktail music

Bring a relaxing touch of fresh air to your event, accompanied by live swing, jazz or chill out music.

animaciones navidad 2022 (10)

Close-up magic

A magician will be integrated into the audience during the cocktail party, performing magic tricks among the attendees while they enjoy the catering.

animaciones navidad 2022 (9)

Cube Art

It is a large-scale work of art with a plastic artist who draws a picture on each side of the 9 cubes, at first glance, meaningless. Then: magic.

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premium event organisation for FCBARCELONA

Featured Presenters Christmas

anne igartiburu navidad 2022

Anne Igartiburu

Anne Igartiburu is a Spanish television presenter and actress. She is the presenter of successful programmes such as Corazón and Tu cara me suena.

roberto leal navidad 2022

Roberto Leal

Roberto Leal is a Spanish journalist, reporter and television presenter. He has presented major Spanish television programmes such as Pasapalabra and Operación Triunfo.

carlos sobera navidad 2022

Carlos Sobera

Carlos Sobera is a television presenter, actor and theatre impresario. He has hosted some of the most important programmes in Spain, such as First Dates, which he currently presents.

enric company navidad 2022

Enric Company

Enric Company is a Spanish event presenter and motivational speaker. He always aims to inspire his audience through his speeches.

carme chaparro navidad 2022

Carme Chaparro

Carme Chaparro is a Spanish journalist and writer. She has been the presenter of Noticias Cuatro and Los teloneros, as well as writing well-known books such as La química del odio and Calladita estás más guapa.

manel fuentes navidad 2022

Manel Fuentes

Manel Fuentes is a Spanish journalist and comedian who has developed his professional career mainly as a radio and television presenter. He has presented Veo cómo cantas and Tu cara me suena, entertainment programmes on Spanish television.

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Lena Bayón for madrid plartform 2022

Featured Monologuists Christmas

leo harlem navidad 2022

Leo Harlem

Share with your guests an incomparable comedy show, starring the tireless and hilarious Leo Harlem, one of the most TOP monologuists on the Spanish scene in recent decades. 20 years in the elite.

angel martin navidad 2022 (1)

Ángel Martín

Ángel Martín is a Spanish comedian, scriptwriter, actor, musician and presenter best known for his participation in the television programme Sé lo que hicisteis

eva soriano navidad 2022

Eva Soriano

Eva Soriano is a Spanish comedian and presenter. Among the programmes in which she has participated are La noche D and Las que faltaban.

grison navidad 2022


Grison is a Spanish comedian who is mainly known for the programme La Resistencia, which has a great importance on Spanish television.

jose corbacho navidad 2022

José Corbacho

José Corbacho is a Spanish filmmaker and comedian. He has participated in several films and television programmes such as Cobardes and Homo Zapping.

sara escudero navidad 2022

Customised monologues

A completely customisable monologue show. Enjoy humour with the best monologuists of the moment live. Ask us about our options.


Featured Speakers Christmas

victor kuppers navidad 2022 (1)

Victor Küppers

Coach and lecturer at the University of Barcelona and the UAB. Motivational conferences. Lectures on motivation, self-improvement, positive attitude and leadership.

emilio duro navidad 2022 (1)

Emilio Duró

An eminent figure in the business world. Emilio Duró is a businessman, teacher and lecturer. He has more than 30 years of experience as a consultant, advisor and trainer for large companies and multinationals.

gemma mengual navidad 2022

Gemma Mengual

Well-known former Spanish synchronised swimmer. She is considered one of the flagship athletes of Spanish sport. She is currently a sports and motivational speaker.

Amaya Valdemoro navidad 2022

Amaya Valdemoro

Famous former Spanish basketball player: winner of three women’s NBA rings. She is also currently a commentator for the NBA, Euroleague and a lecturer.

Toni Nadal navidad 2022

Toni Nadal

Tennis coach and physical trainer, recognised worldwide for being the uncle and trainer of the Spanish tennis player, Rafa Nadal. Motivational and self-improvement lecturer. 

alberto contador navidad 2022

Conferences of all kinds

In our catalogue you can discover conferences and speakers on all topics, from motivation and sport to economics and innovation.

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Victor Küppers

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