FC BARCELONA | Dynamization of annual event

We were in charge of energizing the Barça Hospitality 2022 event, providing animations that added fun and spectacularity to the event.

In the annual event of Barça Hospitality 2022 we were in charge of making the event dynamic to create a spectacular atmosphere and create a unique and unforgettable memory for the guests.

An experience that was tattooed with the blaugrana colors and the WOW effect in every phase of the event.

What did the dynamization of the event consist of?

Welcome with a batucada group and a team of reporters.

Soccer match at Camp Nou with the animation of the batucada.

Gastronomic experience accompanied by various animations and live music.


The event began with the reception of the guests by our batucada group and they were interviewed by our special team of undercover reporters.

Then they went to play a game at the Camp Nou, where the batucada show followed. Later, in the pica pica, they had several animations, such as a magician, a caricaturist, a 360º photo booth, etc.

And to close a spectacular event, we provided the guests with a live music band while they enjoyed a delicious catering and a peculiar gastroshow.

An absolutely blaugrana tinged afternoon, which certainly did not leave indifferent to any of the guests, where the ability and creativity for the corporate events organization of our team were key to success.


Fútbol Club Barcelona

Type of Activity

Corporate Event: Dynamization and animations for each phase of the event.


Camp Nou, Barcelona

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