Urban treasure hunt Team building in Barcelona

We organise Urban Treasure Hunt for Companies

These Team Building activities help to develop a sense of belonging in the company, as you will have to work as a team to reach the end point, while at the same time bringing out your most competitive side. Moreover, you will have to do it in an urban territory, adding difficulty and challenges.

Treasure Hunt in Barcelona

Discover unique spots

Participants will have the opportunity to explore different streets and areas of the city. You will be able to see the town with a new eyes full of adventure and curiosity.

Treasure Hunt in Barcelona

Customised themes

We have various types of urban gymkhanas, from the treasure map to solving a police case. This way, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and audience.

Treasure Hunt in Barcelona

Ineffable experiences

Taking part in an urban gymkhana will guarantee you an unforgettable and fun experience, which you will be able to share with all those who sign up for the challenge.

Aims of the urban gymkhana for companies

What does the Urban Gymkhana for companies consist of?

The team building Urban Gymkhanas is a fun and original proposal designed for participants to solve tests and riddles, working as a team to reach the end victoriously. 

It also promotes team building values such as companionship, leadership, teamwork, cooperation, creativity and the feeling of belonging to the company.

How does it work?

Treasure Hunt in Barcelona
Treasure Hunt in Barcelona

Cohesion Teams

success story
Treasure Hunt for HARD ROCK CAFÉ

Treasure Hunt in Barcelona

The Urban Gymkhana is the perfect team building activity to work in groups, as they will have to solve several tests in order to win.

Treasure Hunt in Barcelona & Madrid

When doing this team building activity, you have to take into account the weather in the city, as it is an outdoor activity.

We work all over the country, but in Madrid and Barcelona we have many more options for the Urban Tresure Hunt Team Building activity. Come and join us!

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