Olympic games team building in Barcelona

Olympics for companies is a team building activity full of sport, with the aim of promoting group cohesion and increasing the skills of the participants.

Olympics for companies in Barcelona & Madrid

This outdoor team building activity, being outdoors, it is very important to take into account the weather of the place. Perfect to disconnect for a few moments from the working day.

We work all over the country, but in Madrid and Barcelona we have many more options of places to carry out the Team Building activity of the Olympics for companies. Ask us!

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Olympics in Barcelona
Olympics in Barcelona
Olympics in Barcelona

We organise the Olympics for your company

This outdoor team building activity encourages various skills and qualities such as teamwork, strategic thinking, camaraderie, among others. Participants will be able to relax and get to know their colleagues outside the work environment.

Olympics in Barcelona

Compete and collaborate in teams

It is very important that all participants of the assigned team cooperate with each other in order to be able to successfully carry out this activity and win.

Olympics in Barcelona

A wide range of sports/activities

We have a wide variety of sports and activities that members will be able to do. In this way, you will be able to choose the activities that best suit your needs.

Olympics in Barcelona

Dynamisation and fun

With this team building activity, participants are guaranteed to have fun, as well as helping to improve relationships within the group.

Benefits of the Olympics for companies

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olympics & cocktail for PRODUCT MADNESS

What are the Business Olympics?

Would you like to organise a sports day with your team? Our team building Olympics for companies is an outdoor activity that promotes sporting values such as companionship, leadership and self-improvement, and keeps your company members in good shape!

This activity is a Team Building exercise for company events that uses sport as a means of personal and group fulfilment. Are you up for it? Get ready, get set, get set… go!

How does it work?

Olympics in Barcelona
Olympics in Barcelona

Cohesion Teams

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Olympics FAQS for companies

The Olympics for companies is a type of Team Building in which participants compete in teams to overcome different sporting events in the open air.

You can choose from a wide variety of activities and sports to carry out in the Olympics, so it will adapt perfectly to the specific characteristics of the event. 

The advantages of holding an Olympics for companies are multiple: participants will enjoy a day outdoors getting to know their co-workers while strengthening qualities such as cooperation, assertiveness, leadership and strategy.

Holding Team Buildings benefits both the employee, who develops various values, and the company, as these activities foster a sense of belonging to the organisation. 

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