Masterchef Workshop Team Building in Barcelona

We organise your Masterchef Workshop for companies

This workshop is perfect to enjoy and learn with your team, with the help of a professional chef. 

Masterchef workshop in Barcelona

Masterclass with expert chefs

This activity will be guided by a professional chef who will explain and show how to carry out the recipes.

Masterchef workshop in Barcelona

Recipes in professional mode

You will cook different recipes under the guidance of a professional in the culinary world, where discipline and attention to detail are the fundamental values.

Masterchef workshop in Barcelona

Partnership comes first!

In this activity you will be all together, cooking together and developing skills such as communication, organisation and teamwork.

Benefits of the Masterchef Workshop Team Building

How does the Masterchef Workshop for companies work?

Would you like to feel like a real professional chef and experience the frenetic pace of one of the best cooking competitions today? With our Masterchef workshop you will discover the best tricks to make a top dish and win the prize for the next Masterchef. 

This is the perfect activity to get you into the world of cooking while working on cooperation and group dynamics. Let’s get cooking!

How does it work?

Mastrechef workshop in Barcelona
Masterchef workshop in Barcelona

Skills development

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Masterchef workshop in Barcelona

Team building Masterchef is the group activity, where there is no lack of desire to cook, learn and prepare the best dish of the workshop.

Masterchef Workshop Team Building for companies in Barcelona & Madrid

Inspired by the famous TV cooking show, the participants will have to work together in cohesion to successfully complete the dish. The laughs are guaranteed with this team building event.

We work all over the country, but in Madrid and Barcelona we have many more facilities available for the Team Masterchef activity for companies, we will be happy to help you! We also have other types of cooking workshops for companies if you want to continue challenging your culinary skills.

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