Magic workshop team building in Barcelona

We organise a magic workshop for your company

In this team building workshop, participants will learn all the secrets behind these majestic shows full of illusions. It is an original way to work on various group dynamics.

Magic workshop in Barcelona

New knowledge

Participants will learn more about the art of illusionism, which they will be able to use in the future to surprise their guests.

Magic workshop in Barcelona


They will learn in a fun, entertaining and unique way how to work in a group, as in order to successfully complete this workshop they will have to cooperate with each other.

Magic workshop in Barcelona

Unique experience

They will experience a day they will remember forever, with an impressionistic show full of surprises that none of the participants will expect.

Benefits of the magic workshop for companies

What does the magic workshop for companies consist of?

Would you like to become an expert magician for a day?

With our Magic Workshop for companies you will be able to strengthen interpersonal relationships among the attendees, and at the same time, learn the best kept secrets of this art.

This activity is a proposal full of originality, fantasy and surprises, which allows you to work on group dynamics in a totally innovative way.

Are you up for a magical experience?

How does it work?

Magic workshop in Barcelona
Magic workshop in Barcelona

Skills development

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Magic workshop for companies is a team building activity, which aims to work on group dynamics in an original and unique way.

Magic workshop for companies in Barcelona & Madrid

Learn all the secrets of this art, while strengthening the relationships between workers with this activity full of illusionism.

We work all over the country, but in Madrid and Barcelona we have many options of places where you can carry out this Team Building activity: Magic workshop for companies, just ask us!

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FAQS magic workshop for companies

The magic workshop for companies is an activity in which participants will learn magic tricks while bonding with each other.

This is a unique opportunity to learn the secrets of this art with your team. 

There are many benefits to doing a magic workshop for companies: the development of skills such as communication, imagination, memory and critical thinking.

Attending a workshop with your company’s team has advantages for both the participants and the company, as it is a highly enriching activity that fosters a sense of belonging to the organisation. 

We have numerous options of workshops for companies to choose from, so that you can choose the one that best suits your company and the specific characteristics of the event. 

The magic workshop for companies is a unique Team Building where your team will learn the secrets of this art.

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