Haka Workshop Team Building in Barcelona

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Haka is the perfect team building activity to do in a group, as this dance encourages group and even family connection, teamwork and rapport.

Haka workshop in Barcelona

Cultural Dance

This activity comes from a Maori ritual in New Zealand. It is therefore steeped in culture and history. While you enjoy it, you'll be able to get cultured.

Haka workshop in Barcelona

Guaranteed laughs

As this is a fun-filled and rhythmic activity, you are guaranteed an unforgettable, dance-filled experience that you will want to share with all your fellow participants.

Haka workshop in Barcelona


This team building is done as a team, which will bring all participants together, making them friends rather than colleagues.

Benefits of the Haka Workshop Team Building

How does Haka Team Building for companies work?

The Haka is a Maori ritual dance, expressed through intimidating body gestures and a war cry. It is intended to convey an image of unbreakable unity, usually as a sign of affront or hostility. Nowadays, in view of the popularity of the All Blacks and their impressive Haka, its practice has been extended to team building exercises.

Our Haka Team Building is designed as a team building activity and serves the same purpose as the traditional Maori dance: it fosters collective cohesion, strengthens a sense of tribal belonging and emboldens its members to face any adversity; all this to unite participants in pursuit of a common goal. 

How does it work?

Haka workshop in Barcelona
Haka workshop in Barcelona

Skills development

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Haka Team Building is the perfect activity to promote teamwork, and to do it while having fun.

Haka Workshop Team Building for companies in Barcelona & Madrid

This is a very fun activity, perfect for disconnecting from the working day and having a good time with colleagues. Group cohesion is essential in this fun team building activity.

We work all over the country, but in Madrid and Barcelona we have many more options of places to do the Team Building Haka activity, we will be happy to help you!

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Haka Team building frequently asked questions

The Haka was a Maori war dance used to intimidate the enemy, prepare for combat, and demonstrate the power, strength and unity of the tribe. It is a dance made up of heavy stomping, grimacing and body percussion, set to chilling, rhythmic music. 

The Haka comes from a Maori legend that tells the story of Tama-nui-te-ra, the sun god, and Hine-raumati, one of his wives, who is the reincarnation of summer. Together they had a son named Tane-rore. Therefore, in midsummer, when there are these trembling airs, it is believed to be Tane-rore dancing for his mother. So, it is danced to honour them. 

Now it has been implemented in the business environment to encourage bonding between workers and to manifest the authority and energy that the company has.

Clearly, being a physical exercise there are a lot of sporting benefits, helping to improve posture, coordination and rhythm. 

However, on a psychological level, performing this dance can help your mental health and that of your employees immensely. Moreover, this way they will be part of a fun and unforgettable activity.

The Team Building Haka does not require much preparation, as it is an instinctive and quite spontaneous activity. But mainly, before you do it, you should listen to some Maori chants to familiarise yourself with the words and the rhythm.

In addition, you would have to gather a group of people to join in, and choose a leader. However, if hired as Team Building, the agency will bring in an expert. Then, you will have to deploy in formation to start the activity. Finally, the only thing left to do is to lose your embarrassment and enjoy the Team Building.

Actualmente el equipo de Rugby que implementó este baile a nivel profesional, los All Blacks cuentan con dos tipos de Haka. La principal es la más antigua Ka Mate, compuesta por Te Rauparaha. También, el equipo tiene su propia Haka modernizada llamada Kapa O Pango. 

Hay otras localidades cercanas a la área de Nueva Zelanda que también tienen Hakas, como Fiyi que tienen su variación nombrada Cibi o Bole, Tonga con Sipi Tau, y Samoa con Siva Tau.

We have all heard Hakas, but their meaning is something that is not much talked about. The traditional Haka called Ka Mate can be translated into English as: 

Muero! Muero! Alive! Alive! Alive!

Muero! Muero! Alive! Alive! Alive!

This is the hairy man (for Maori being hairy is equivalent to being brave)

Who brought the sun, and made it shine again…

One step up!

Another step up!

One step up! One step up again!

The sun shines!

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