Painting workshop team building in Barcelona

We organise your creative painting workshop for your company

In this Team Building activity, participants will have to relax and let their imagination run wild, so they will be able to carry out this activity with great success. They will be able to develop skills such as creativity, memory, concentration, among others.

Painting workshop in Barcelona

Creativity at its best!

Put your imagination to work and bring out your creative side to transform your blank canvas into a painting full of colours and illustrations.

Painting workshop in Barcelona

Time to disconnect

You will be able to disconnect for a few moments while you do this workshop, as you will have to dedicate all your creativity to the blank canvas.

Painting workshop in Barcelona

Fun guaranteed

The fact that all the participants are together in the same room creates an atmosphere full of laughter, as well as improving the relationships between them.

Benefits of the creative painting workshop for companies

What does the creative painting workshop for companies consist of?

Art is a creative process that gives free rein to subjectivity and whose cognitive benefits are unspeakable. Paintbrush in hand works on concentration, creativity and spatial logic. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

At Tuset Eventos we offer you an integral Team Building activity of painting with which your team will be able to develop their most creative side with paintbrushes. A blank canvas offers dozens of possibilities!

How does it works?

Painting workshop in Barcelona
Painting workshop in Barcelona

Skills development

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creative painting for TREATWELL

Creative painting is the perfect team building activity for groups of people who want to be creative and let their imagination run wild.

Creative painting workshop for companies

In this activity, participants will be able to develop and improve some of their skills in an original and fun way. As it is a group activity, participants will be able to strengthen their relationships with each other outside of a work environment. They will also be able to disconnect from work for a few moments.

We work all over the country, but in Madrid and Barcelona we have many more spaces and professionals to carry out the Team Building Team building painting activity. Take a look!

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cocktail workshop for QNV

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