Escape room Team Building in Barcelona

We organise an Escape Room for your company

These Team Building activities that take place under pressure, are perfect to develop different skills and qualities such as creativity, leadership, fluid communication, assertiveness, etc., while workers work in groups. We have 3 types of escape room for companies:

Escape room in Barcelona

Classic Escape Room

Participants must work together to solve the riddles that are posed in order to overcome and advance in the tests in a given time.

Escape room in Barcelona

Escape Box

An innovative experience that incorporates the essence of the fashionable Escape Room game into a Box, an ideal resource to adapt the activity to any space.

Escape room in Barcelona

Impro Escape

In order to advance in this theatrical story, participants will have to cooperate with each other to solve all the riddles posed in the activity.

Benefits of the Escape Room for companies

What is the Escape Room for companies?

Get your employees to work as a team trying to escape together and deciphering the enigmas in the Escape Room for companies, one of the most original and fun activities.

Participants will have to test their physical and mental abilities working under pressure to accomplish the mission.

We have the Escape Box option, ideal for companies that are committed to the organization of events and wish to adapt the escape room format to the event space. We work in groups of 6-8 people to decipher all the riddles. 

We also have escape room options for large groups, ideal if you need to adapt this activity for large teams.

How does it works?

Escape room in Barcelona
Escape room in Barcelona

Cohesion Teams


Escape room in Barcelona

Escape Room is the perfect team building activity to form groups and encourage fluid communication among participants, while working under pressure.

Escape Room for companies in Barcelona & Madrid

It is a team building activity full of enigmas, which you will have to solve in a given time to complete the mission.

We work all over the country, but in Madrid and Barcelona we have a wide range of spaces to carry out the Team Building Escape Room activity for companies, we will be happy to help you!

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Frequently asked questions about Escape Room for companies

An “Escape Room” is a room in which a group of people are locked in with the objective of escaping from the room by solving puzzles in a given time.  

Lately, it has become fashionable in companies to carry out this type of activities to promote communication and teamwork among employees. The Escape Rooms are very focused on group decision making to get out of the room, so it helps to strengthen ties between workers and increase individual and group confidence. 

There are different types of Escape Rooms, among them we find those with a linear story: the puzzles are solved sequentially, and those with a non-linear story: if we get stuck in an enigma we can try to continue advancing with others. 

In addition, we find many different rooms, from prisons to libraries from which you have to escape. 

In the case of the more traditional games, Escape Rooms and Hall Escape, the duration is usually between 60 and 90 minutes, being 1 hour the most usual duration. However, there are cases of rooms of these types in which the duration reaches 120 minutes.

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