Organisation of corporate anniversaries in Barcelona

Do you want to celebrate your company's anniversary? Do you know the advantages of organising an anniversary to commemorate an important date? Contact us!

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We help you organise your corporate anniversary

Do you want to celebrate your company’s anniversary? What better way to celebrate an important date for your brand than by organising a company anniversary? We will design all the details to make this event a complete success for you.

Your company anniversary is a very special moment to celebrate with your employees and your clients. Make it the perfect occasion to strengthen working relationships between your employees, thank them for their commitment and effort, reward the work of all those who form part of the corporation and celebrate the achievement of the objectives set.

As for your customers, this is the time to strengthen your relationship with your active customers and reinforce the image they have of your brand.

It is also the ideal time to reconnect with former customers who have been important to the growth of the company and encourage them to place their trust in your services again.

Organisation of corporate anniversaries Barcelona

At Tuset Eventos we can help you design the strategy you need to create the perfect company anniversary. We will provide you with the proposals that best suit your needs and we will design your perfect evening in detail.

Ideas for your company anniversary

From Tuset Eventos we present you some examples of the style of event that you can choose to organise your company anniversary and we present you with options to complement and liven up the evening:
Organisation of corporate anniversaries Barcelona

Themed party: If you want to give your anniversary an original touch and maximum fun, there is nothing better than organising a themed party.

We will take care of all the setting and decoration, as well as hiring the artists to liven up your party. Discover some of our proposals for the theme of your party here.

Gala dinner: We are experts in the integral organisation of company dinners.

We can provide you with the space, catering, decoration, staff, shows and entertainment, speakers and even hire celebrities to attend your event. Find out more ideas for your corporate dinner here.

Outdoor activities: If you prefer to organise your event outdoors, we can offer you boat parties, marquee parties, and we can also offer you recreational activities such as the organisation of a sporting activity.

Prize-giving: The anniversary of your company is the ideal moment to thank your best collaborators for their effort and commitment to the company. Find out more about organising an awards ceremony.

Presentation of a new product or service: Take advantage of your anniversary event to present your new product or service in front of your customers. Do you want us to help you present it in exhibition format? Find out more by reading our section on showrooms and exhibitions.

Celebrate your company's birthday!

At Tuset Eventos we have been organising company anniversaries for many years. We advise you at all times in the organisation, we design the perfect event for you and we accompany you throughout the process until the day of the event.

Organisation of corporate anniversaries in Barcelona & Madrid

In these big cities, the options are much wider and we have a variety of venues and suppliers that will make your company anniversary an unforgettable event.

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