Cocktail workshop team building in Barcelona

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We organise your cocktail workshop for companies

Cocktail workshop is a perfect team building activity for all those people who want to discover all the secrets and curiosities to make a delicious cocktail, participants will have the help of an expert cocktail maker.

Cocktail workshop in Barcelona

Group learning

In this activity you will learn the secrets of the cocktail world, and you will do it together with your team. In this way, the group spirit will be strengthened.

Cocktail workshop in Barcelona

Experiment freely

You will have the opportunity to manufacture different cocktails that will leave you absolutely amazed. You will be able to show off all your new knowledge.

Cocktail workshop in Barcelona

Become a bartender!

Being part of this workshop will make you want to be a professional bartender. Also, your friends will be chasing you to make their favorite cocktails.

Benefits of the Team Building Cocktail Workshop

How does the Cocktail Workshop for companies work?

Fancy a drink? With our cocktail workshop, you will discover all the secrets for the preparation of the best cocktail. 

In this team building activity, attendees will feel for a day as true professionals of this art. With the help of professional bartenders, they will learn all the secrets and peculiarities of its preparation and tasting. 

And if what you are looking for is a team building in which to delight your palate, we also recommend Tapas Team Building in Barcelona. You will love it!

Bon appétit!

How does it works?

Cocktail workshop in Barcelona
Cocktail workshop in Barcelona

Skills development

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Team Building of Coctelería is the best option for fans of experimentation, all those who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty.

Team building of Coctelería for companies in Barcelona & Madrid

It is an indoor activity, so the weather will not be an impediment to enjoy and perform this workshop, where fun is guaranteed.

We work all over the country, but in Madrid and Barcelona we have a wide range of experts and spaces to carry out the Team Building activity “Cocktail Workshop”. Our group of professionals will be happy to advise you, to find the best place that suits the characteristics and objectives of your event. And if cocktails are not your thing, we also offer a cooking workshop for companies in which you can try the best dishes. 

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